​Corporate Clients use her counsel to keep them "Out of the Courtroom."



          Joni Turner Attorney 

     Attorney Joni Turner started her legal career as an Assistant Prosecutor under Prosecutor Joseph Deters.  Joni Turner went on to head up the litigation department at Holbrook and Associates, where she lead a team of 10 lawyers in litigating and negotiating settlements in a variety of cases, for multi-million dollar settlements.

     Attorney Turner also spent time as an Adjunct Professor at a branch of University of Cincinnati, teaching Business Law, while she was heading up an extremely demanding position as head of litigation for Holbrook and Associates.

     She started her own practice 12 years ago, and has litigated complex contractual. employment, and wrongful death cases in multiple states and jurisdictions.  Attorney Turner is very selective in the new cases she accepts at this point in her career, as she has established a solid and long lasting relationship with her current clients.  You can contact attorney Turner at the following number.